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    • TKO Urethane Straight Barbell

      TKO Urethane Straight Barbell

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      TKO's Urethane Straight Barbells are the perfect addition to any home or gym. The straight bars are constructed with a one-piece solid cast and its steel head design, encased in urethane, offers accurate weight and precision balance. The straight barbells are available in 20-110 lbs. in 10 lb. increments.

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    • TKO VKR Power Tower - Commercial

      TKO VKR Power Tower - Commercial


      TKO's Commercial VKR Power Tower challenges you to use your own body weight to sculpt your abs, chest, back and arms. Its unique design allows all exercises to be performed from the front. The wide base ensures stability and the coated, non-slip handles provide a comfortable grip. This TKO Commercial Power Tower is like having multiple workout stations in one!




      TKO’s Welterweight Power Bar is an American Made Olympic bar that utilizes bushing sleeves for a reliable spin and its snap ring design maintains optimal stability throughout any type of weight lifting regimen – from high school, gym and crossfit. At 120,000PSI rating, the Welterweight Power Bar is a perfect fit when performance needs to meet a budget.